Sunday, February 3, 2008

Florida in February

It was so beautiful here today we decided to head for the water. We live close to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge which actually surrounds Kennedy Space Center. As of 6pm today the area is closed until after the shuttle launch scheduled for Feb 7.

But today we drove through, looking at many varieties of tropical birds. We have spotted gators before, but none today. Heading for Haulover canal which connects the intercoastal waterway with the ocean we settled in along the shore. Bill got out his crabpot and fishing pole and I pulled out my beach chair. The temperature reached 80 with a soft breeze and no humidity. We just chilled out as Bill "drowned" a few shrimp. There were dolphins playing and feeding in a laggoon like area on the other side. A crab strolled up near the beach but moved away too fast for me to get a photo. The big white bird watched us from really close by. A nice relaxing afternoon!

Everybody in that below zero weather....SORRY!

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BumbleVee said...



It is only -15C right now... warm in comparison with last week...when it plummeted like a stone to -35C.....

tx for the dream of warmer days....even if it's still a long way off for me I guess I can always live vicariously for now.