Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who trains who????

I sometimes wonder! I am not a very good dog trainer, even though I was a breeder for a number of years. I did go through an obediance class with Lexi when she was a pup. She was and excellent pupil, especially since she will do anything for food. Lately though it seems I am the one doing what the dog wants. Lucy definately has a way of communicating her wants. She will sit under the treat jar and look from it to me and back again, barking if ignored. She has also been known to wake me up at night to cover her with her blanket. Last night Lexi showed how well she has Bill trained. Last week Bill was having trouble sleeping a couple of nights in a row. He would get up and open the refrigerator. By the time it closed Lexi was sitting there volunteering to help with his midnight snack. Bill fell right to sleep last night but at about 1am Lexi started scratching and crying on Bill's side of the bed(her bed is on the floor on my side). He was trying to figure out what she wanted and decided since he was awake he would go to the fridge. Lexi followed him, got a little snack, then went back to sleep. THAT was why she woke him. Bill & I hope this isn't going to happen every night.

The pics are the girls in their Valentine finery.

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nanjodogz said...

Nancy -- this story is so funny! They do seem to love you best when you're eating. When I see my Lena sitting next to me I think to myself, "oh, she loves to be near me" and then I realize I'm eating something. She does the same thing, when I'm finished eating my yogurt, if I don't let her lick the yogurt cup she starts barking at me -- they do have us trained!