Saturday, February 2, 2008

Old Photos

Yesterday I had to rearrange the spare room to make room for possible company. I discovered a photo album my mom and little sister put together at least 25 years ago. The album included my baby and school photos. One album was made for each sibling. Unfortunately they used those sticky albums. When I found the album yesterday I realized I needed to take all the photos out if I wanted to keep them because they would eventually be ruined. Most of the pics came out pretty easy but some came out in pieces. I scanned some in to be saved on a cd and will get around to scanning them all soon(I am supposed to be getting ready for a bear show in 3 weeks). These are a few from my childhood. The first of course is my baby pic(I look ready to run my mouth even then). That stroller is now considered vintage. The next is my first grade pic-Mom loved Shirley Temple curls. Then my brother Bill-known as Billy then and I. Check out those striped shorts. The last is my senior photo from high school-at least I didn't have the "big hair" that was popular at the time.

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