Friday, January 9, 2009

Too much to do...

I have worked on a few of my year end tasks. There are some things that must be filed by January 20th but I am still avoiding others. Decided to make myself a new purse as I couldn't find one I liked or could afford. Walmart has this vinyl fabric that looks like embossed leather. It's not a designer purse but it works for me. All the photos of my bears and critters for the TBACA Valentine Show have been submitted. Now there are several that I want to complete for the Tampa show February 22. Jin(gold in Chinese) will be going to Tampa with me. I purchased a sheet of old photos of children with bears and dolls from KFCollection etsy shop. They arrived in an email. I cropped & saved in my photo program. Jin has the one of an Asian child with a Teddy Bear on his tag. I hope to get some more cats made before Tampa too.
Sometimes I wish life didn't get in the way of Teddy Bear making. We are still waiting on an insurance check so we can get our rental property fixed and re-rented. I am spending too much time on the computer trying to keep up with blogging, facebook, etsy, and flickr.
Time to kick myself in the pants(a real feat) and get back to sewing.

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Laura Lynn said...

Nancy I'm with you! I also wish life wouldn't get in the way of teddy bear making! I've got year end book keeping and college financials to do and so much more!

Jin is just adorable I'm sure he'll get snapped up quickly in February :)