Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cheeky Pelican

dolphin & pelicandolphin , pelican & fish
dolphin pelican & fish
Bill and I tried to go to the beach on Sunday. The beach closest to us is Canaveral Shores Natl Park. It is right next to Kennedy Space Center and in very close proximity to the shuttle launch pads. Because the shuttle Discovery is due to launch this Wednesday the park is closed. Since we couldn't go to the beach we decided to just sit by the river for awhile. The river is actually an intercoastal waterway with dolphins and manatees. The dolphins have learned they can chase fish towards the wall by the boat dock and corner them.
We were enjoying watching a dolphin feed. As it locates a fish you can see a streak under the water, then the fish jumps and the dolphin jumps out of the water to catch it. A pelican showed up and we noticed he seemed to be watching the dolphin too. Soon the pelican was following the dolphin, trying to steal his fish as it jumped from the water. Fascinated, we watched for almost an hour. The pelican never managed to get a fish but he kept trying. I managed to get several good photos. We were glad the beach was closed because we got to watch an interesting show.

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