Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I love swapping!

I sent Emma, a Scottie Puppy Grrl, across country to Marlys. This beautiful guy came my way. His name is Patrick. I love his soft, curly brown mohair and he feels like a baby in my arms. Although he is bigger than the other critters in my hug he seems to fit right in. Little dog, Oreo, is sitting in his lap. If you want to see more of Marlys' bears click here.
Meanwhile, in order to avoid bookkeeping work today, I going to clean out my stash. I'm thinking of opening an etsy shop just to destash. I'm sure there are buttons, pins, trim and even some fabric that is ready to move to someone else's stash.

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Bearly Sane said...

You are a lucky girl Nancy, you have a real pin up boy there (he was featured on P46 in TeddyBear Club Internationsal No.179) he's a very handsome bear.