Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roses on my mind

I got my copy of Teddy Bear Review yesterday and was delighted to see a photo of Rosita included in the feature "Teddy's Friends". My last post was about Rosalie and now, Rosita gets mentioned. With the suggestion of roses my mind started to wander to my mom. I grew up in a small cape cod. The yard around our home was mostly paths through gardens. My mom had a green thumb(something I didn't inherit). Kids from the neighborhood would knock on our door asking if they could have a bouquet for their mom. There were many, many different flowers, from tulips to crocus to daffodils. But the roses were the main attraction. There were small circular gardens on each side of the front yard. In the center of each were tree roses that my mom had trained to grow that way herself. Every color of rose you can think of grew along the side of the driveway. Beautiful red roses climbed up the brick on the chimney. After I graduated high school, we moved to another county. The new house had a much larger lot but the roses never grew as well there. Roses still make me think of my mom.

Red rosebud

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