Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back in time

I would like to say I have been busy all week working on critters for the Friends of Teddy show. It's a good thing I have plenty of time because certain things beyond my control got in the way. Earlier in the week hubby woke up with a sore swollen ankle. We ended up spending almost the entire day at the VA medical center. Arthritis and possibly gout were diagnosed. As of this minute he is out riding his bike, so we can assume his ankle is much better.  Three cloudy days with lots of rain dampened our mood. We are used to mostly sunny days here in Florida with an occasional afternoon shower.  I think that's what kept me away from sewing and pulled to other things. 
I took some photos today and, after uploading them, I looked at some photos of older creations. I made a collage of some of my favorites.  Maybe I needed some new inspiration from some old ideas.
Reminder: The Friends of Teddy show at Teddies Worldwide is coming up next month, starting July 13th. But the preview begins June 29th.

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Wendy Walker said...

How are you Nancy? Long time no hear! Good luck with the show next month.
Bear Hugs Wendy
P.S. make sure you are following my new look blog.