Sunday, June 17, 2012

Silly Bird!

Sometime last week we discovered that a bird had built a nest in a fishing net stored on a shelf on the back porch. It looked as if it was almost complete so we decided to leave it alone even though hubby was not happy with the birds in our backyard. Bill has 6 or so blueberry bushes along the side fence. He carefully covered them with netting to protect the blueberries as they ripened. The birds still managed to get in and eat most of the berries. 
Yesterday we realized there were baby birds in the nest. I had to get out a step stool to get the photo and mama fussed at me from the back fence as I did. We are pretty sure mama is a Mockingbird. So, the fishing net will not be used until babies have left the nest.....but the fish nets won't be available for the next one.

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vivian said...

aww! sweet little things. I love how birds will build their nests in the oddest places! Yeah, my hubby wouldnt have been happy either, and if there werent babies in the nest mama would surely have been evicted... while I complained in the background! lol
have a great week nancy