Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pool Day

On Sunday mornings hubby Bill and I like to listen to the trumpets that intro CBS Sunday Morning. It's kind of a ritual with us. CBS Sunday morning uses a sun as their symbol and we love the different suns that show up during the program too. I know it's kinda kooky but without some kooky life would be dull.
After the Sunday newspaper and breadfast it's time to clean the pool. I get on my swimsuit and vacuum and chlorinate the pool.'s pool time. I put on music-usually Enya or jazz or sometimes Bob Seger. We have outdoor speakers and so I put the music on loud enough to hear but not bother the neighbors. Then I get on my float and drift. I do some of my best thinking floating in the pool. I think about how to get that bear head to look like it does in my head and what fur to use for the new idea for a cat. Sometimes I come up with names for critters or a name for a series of critters. Sometimes I just zone out(doze off), which I try not to do too often because I don't want to be a "crispy critter". In The Pool

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Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Yes, please don't become a crispy critter! That would not be fun! Enjoy the pool though.