Friday, June 22, 2007

Too Little Time

I need more hours in the day. I just start to feel like I am making headway listing the trailer load of books on Amazon and we get a call that another load is ready to be picked up.

I have a great idea for a new series of critters and there is NO TIME to start them. The idea is knocking around my head and I am really itching to get started. I have some Christmas critters cut out and need to get them done because the magazines need photos for Dec issue by July. I am also waiting for some things I ordered to finish them.

Everyday things seem to get in the way too - you know - grocery shopping, laundry, sleeping, even shaving your legs(a must here in Florida).

Now I need to quit complaining and get to work. The photo is my garage, which has become the warehouse for my Amazon listings.


Laura Lynn said...

Nancy I know what you mean!!! I always figure it's better than being bored LOL!

LOVE the books I bought from you on Amazon... FAST & friendly service!!

I checked out your Dogpatch Critters site and LOVE what you've done with it!

Yvette said...

I would love to look through all your books!!

What is your seller name? I would like to shop with you when I am looking for some books.

(Yes you were right on my blog It is suppose to be EPB :o) thanks for the visit!!