Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kibble Kitties - a new series

I finally finished a cat in my new series "Kibble Kitties". The idea came to me more than a month ago when I found a cute little cat dish. All the kitties will come with their own bowls(to sit in). The first in the series is PJ. He is an orange tiger made with short dense German mohair. His cheeks & nose are needle felted. I like the cat faces I get by felting these parts. He has hand painted copper colored glass eyes. PJ's stripes are applied with prisma markers and so were his paw pads. I kept trying to come up with a name while working on him but nothing seemed quite right. Then, while adding his stripes it came to me - he looks like he is wearing pajamas. Just 6" tall he is wearing a wool felt collar with a mother of pearl fish skeleton charm.

I have ideas for several more kittens and hopefully will get a couple more done between other projects.

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Laura Lynn said...

Awwww!!! He's so cute!