Sunday, May 11, 2008

Interview at Dogs and Art Flickr Group

Flickr, the Yahoo photo sharing site, is a really fun place. You can upload photos, videos too, and join groups with like interests. I belong to 44 groups with varied interests from softies to Florida. One of the groups I belong to is called Dogs and Art. The members are artists that incorporate their love of dogs into their art. We post photos of our dogs and our work. The group admin Nancy(nanjodogz) decided to interview members so we could get to know each other better. She interviewed me this week and it is currently on her blog. I love looking at photos of artist's work, wildlife, babies, dogs, and even cats. I have searched photos on flickr when I am working on a project. Great for reference or inspiration!
I also wanted to note that Oscar the Dachshund, Pixie the Puglet, and Wally the Boston Terrier are now available in my etsy shop.

1 comment:

Yvette said...

Your puppies are so adorable!!!

They look like they are so happy and ready to play!

I love your beach picture I sure do miss being able to go walk on the beach and look at the waves!

ps. I never made hat pincushions. I"s going to search them and see what they look like. Sounds cute.:o)