Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pixie the Puglet & Oscar the Dachshund

I had meant to post several days ago but there have just been too many things going on. We closed on the new business on Wednesday April 30. We are now official. There are still things to do and I have a long list for tomorrow.
Maisy, the little bear in my header, is on her way to Australia. I sold her through my etsy shop. I finished 2 more little dogs and haven't decided if I'm going to put them in my etsy or try to auction them on Bid 4 Bears. The Artist Power campaign on Bid 4 Bears is winding down but I did very well. I'm hoping it continues to be a good auction venue.
I guess I'll decide this week where Pixie and Oscar will make an appearance.


Bunny B said...

Oscar's such a cutie! :)

Sarah said...

Oscar is a cutie! Love those doxies!