Friday, May 9, 2008

One of those days

It might even be one of those weeks. On Wednesday I was looking for something I needed for a project I wanted to work on. I ended up reorganizing all of my supplies and accessories. I labeled containers, put stuff in the giveaway pile, and some things in the trash pile. I found a couple of things that might inspire a new project and several items that made me think "Why did I save that?". Of course this took all morning and I never found what I started out looking for.
Even though my supplies were now in better shape I felt like I was running in place - not really accomplishing anything. The new business keeps pulling on my time-insurance for the van, title transfer, printing flyers, buying uniform shirts - it's seems never ending. I really wanted to finish some bears this week. Today, finally, some time to sit work on a Teddy. But the face is not turning out right. The mouth is wrong and the needle felted nose is not turning out right. I just broke a felting needle and decided it was time to quit for today. It will only get worse if I continue now.
Tomorrow some friends are coming over and we are going to sit by the pool. After cleaning up before they arrive I'm going to chill. I need to zone out in the pool on my floatie.

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