Saturday, July 19, 2008

A rainy week then....

A beautiful day at the beach

It seems like forever since we have been. I even love the ride there. We have to drive through a wildlife refuge and there are tropical birds and even gators. You can even see the shuttle launch pads at Kennedy Space Center. There were yellow poles all up and down the beach. These mark the sea turtle nests so no one will disturb them.

sea turtle nests
sea turtle plaque

Bill brought along the binoculars for some bikini watching.

Bill on bikini watch
All the rain came from what is now a tropical depression. It's out in the Atlantic and causing some waves for the surfers.

We didn't stay for long-it was really hot and we didn't want to become "crispy critters". I love going to the beach, even if it's only for a short while. I come home feeling energized. Now back to work making more Teddy Bears.


Draffin Bears said...

Such a beautiful beach Nancy and reminds me of
the Onetangi beach, where we swim.
That also has lovely white sand.
I laughed where you said Bill was doing some bikini watching. tehe!

Enjoy your Summer ~ it is winter over here so
quite cold and wet.


sheryl said...

Looking forward to spending some time in October on that beach, maybe BIll will share his binoculars with Jimmy, NOT! Maybe I will bring a pair so the two of them can compare notes, maybe!
See you in OCtober