Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Doggie Woes

I didn't realize it had been so long since I had posted. Time flies! I really haven't been doing much but sewing and bookkeeping. I spent all afternoon at the vet's today though. Lexi, my wire haired Dachshund, is already on heart meds for an enlarged heart. She has and infected molar and the vet was hoping antibiotics would clear it up so she wouldn't need to go under anesthesia to have it pulled. Two rounds of the rx and it is still a small draining spot on her face. So this morning I called and made an appt for pre-op blood work. By the time I got her there at 12:40, I had decided she wasn't feeling well. She was hiding in her little doggie tent all morning. This is a dog that appears at the fridge ever time it opens. She would eat a treat, but only if I took it to her. She also had a slight limb. This turned out to be the least of her troubles. She has a toenail that had cracked at the base and hurt when she put her paw down. As the vet listened to her heart for what seemed like forever, I knew it wasn't a good sign. X-rays were taken, digital these days. The vet brought in a lap top to show me the x-rays. Lexi's heart is more enlarged than before and there is some fluid in her lungs. I came home with a bag of medication. The vet increased her enalapril and put her back on a diuretic(she hadn't needed it since Jan). More antibiotics too. They can't pull her tooth until she is better either. She is only 11 years old, which is not that old for a Dachshund. I have had many over the years and the average life span is 15.
I did sell 2 bears and a cat today. It almost covers the vet bill.


Laura Lynn said...

Nancy I am so sorry about Lexi!!! I'm sending you huge hugs... and Isis, my heart patient doggy, sends kisses to Lexi.

floridafoodies said...

Nancy, I'm sorry you and Lexi are going through a hard time right now. :(