Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy weekend

Now that Labor Day has passed it seems like it's time to buckle down. We did have a nice weekend though. Saturday there was a small get together for Bill's aunt's birthday. It was supposed to be a picnic but the weather didn't cooperate. Still we had a nice meal and then a huge chocolate cake. Sunday we attended church to see my 16 year old nephew, Billy, get baptized. I was reminded of my baptism many years ago. My brother, Bill(Billy's dad) and I were baptized the same day.
I also worked on some Christmas bears. I was trying to get them done so photos could be submitted for Teddy Bear Review. Much to my husband's dismay, I started listening to Christmas music. I love Christmas music and usually start listening in August. Although I try to listen when Bill is not around, partly because he isn't ready for it and partly because he teases me, he got in the car and I had forgotten to eject the cd. Now I'm going to work on a Halloween project. The photo is a sneak peek collage of my Christmas critters.

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