Friday, September 26, 2008

New little dogs

I finished 2 more little dogs this week. They are both made with a tan mohair. I added a white muzzle to one. Actually, Koko's body was originally made for O'la, the Chiuhuahua. I sewed and jointed the body then made the head. It was obvious that the body was too big for the little Chihuahua head. So I made a smaller body pattern, then cut out the big head for Koko. He is up for auction on Bid 4 Bears this week. I haven't decided what to do with O'la yet. I might put her in my etsy shop next week. Stay tuned.


dreameyce said...

You should make some Corgis! Both Cardigan, and Pembroke!

I can't personally afford them, but I can help show them off on my many Corgi lists. Corgi people are always buying, and esp Cardigan people I bet would snatch them right up!

Someday when the budget isn't so tight here, I would really love to order a brindle Cardigan from you (To match my Corgi kids) TuTu is well loved here, sitting on my desk shelf with other beloved critter pieces *G*

Laura Lynn said...

Nancy they are just adorable!!!