Monday, September 8, 2008

Favorite Fishin Spot

We hadn't been there in quite awhile but we used to go several times a week. It's only 6 miles from our house-just on the other side of the Indian River. There are boat ramps and picnic tables. Bill stops at a bait store on the way and gets about 1/2 dozen shrimp, sometimes more. This time he also took his crab trap and some chicken necks to bait it. I take a beach chair and the cooler. I thought about taking a book this time but I really just enjoyed sitting by the water. Bill ended up just "drowning the shrimp" although he felt some bites. He has caught some big catfish and once caught a 48" red drum at this spot. So we soaked up the atmosphere and some sun for about an hour and a half then packed the car. The funniest thing was when Bill pulled up the crab trap it was full of blowfish! I had already put away my camera but now wish I had gotten a photo of the dozen or so fully inflated blowfish and Bill trying to figure out how to get them out of his crap trap.

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