Friday, October 17, 2008

Helpful Husband

I finished this little bear a couple of nights ago. While sitting on the sofa with Bill, I was holding this bear and trying to decide what kind of dress to make for it. Normally the most I get out of Bill is "That's cute." I must have said something out loud about deciding on a dress. Bill took the little bear and said "Dress?" "This is a boy bear."

I looked at the little bear again and said "Your right!". Bill was amazed as he rarely hears that phrase from me. Now I had to figure out what to put on Toby(the name came to me immediately). He needed something more than a ribbon around his neck. So I went digging in the fabric boxes and Toby is now properly dressed.

Toby in shorts

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BlackCrow said...

Hi Nancy, I saw your little cat creation on Viv's blog for the Halloween ball swap! Just wanted to tell you how awesome your little creations are!
have to drop by here more often!