Thursday, October 2, 2008

Toni the Tiger

Remember the mohair pieces I dyed with orange kool aid back in August. I finally got around to putting the pieces together(sewing them actually). They were sewn together before the end of August but kept getting set aside for other projects. Toni the Tiger is another in my Kitty Kibbles series and comes with her own bowl. I usually put a collar or a ribbon around the neck but I'm not sure Toni needs anything. Tigers generally don't wear collars. She has a needle felted face and hand painted glass eyes. She will be ready for adoption soon and will probably appear on Bid 4 Bears.


jillian said...

Hi Nancy!
I received my super sweet kitty from the halloween swap. I'm sooo in love! She's adorable!! Your package is finally on the way, I hope you enjoy your special surprise. :) Love your litte tiger as well, so precious!

Debb said...

I was visiting Vivian when I seen your cat.I just love your work.Sorry to say I can't afford one right now.First I have to sell some of mineHalloween crafts.But that not going so well.You do a great job on your animals.

dreameyce said...

Your work never ceases to make me smile! Toni is beyond adorable *G*