Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm no gardener

My mom had a wonderful green thumb. The home I grew up in didn't have a yard - only paths through the gardens. Often you had to dodge the bees going from flower to flower on your way to the front door. My aunt and grandmother had a way with flowers too. My cousin, who is a pastor, spoke at my mother's funeral. In closing he said, "I know the three of them are tending God's garden."
I did not inherit the green thumb, though. I can't use the excuse that it skips a generation because my grandmother had one. I would rather be sewing!
Bill had mentioned a few times that he would like me to get out of the house more. Do a little work in the garden. Don't get me wrong, I love flowers! I just am not good at gardening. Bill loves to garden, mostly vegetables and fruit. We have picked out flowers together-then he plants them.
Yesterday he thought I should plant the marigolds he had grown from seed in the flower garden in front. I relented and got out some gloves and a little trowel. I was very proud of myself, seeing the little plants in a nice row around the edge. I went in the house to get fill the watering can. When I came out of the house and walked toward the garden a 4-5 ft black snake slithered across my path. AAAAAHHHH!!! That was the end of my gardening.

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