Sunday, May 17, 2009

Black & White Ball....Almost here

Just a little more than 2 weeks to the Black & White Ball ate Teddy Bears and Critters Australasia. I'm excited to see just how the online show will play out. It is a masked ball, meaning the artist's name will not be revealed until the bear or critter is adopted. This is so that, hopefully, the purchase is based on attraction to the creation and not a particular artist. The winners of the TACDA awards will also be announced. TACDA= The Australasian Creative Design Awards
This year entries for the awards were limited to Aussie and Kiwi artists. I can't wait to see the entries. Even better, next year, the awards will be open to international entries. I already have ideas for my entry dancing around in my head.
The ball starts June 1 and you can check it out here. Don't miss it!!

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