Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pretty Blue Bear....Misty Lou

Well, she didn't turn out exactly as I envisioned her but I am pleased with her anyway. The fur dyed the prettiest shade of blue and matched perfectly to the fabric I was going to make her outfit out of. But it matched too well and I felt her outfit should contrast a little more. The brown fabric with the blue flowers was in my fabric stash and turned out to be the answer. Her brown hair ribbon with the flowers was in my stash too. Her ears gave me a little problem..I had to dye three sets before I got the right shade of brown. Misty Lou will be available on my web site later this week.
I have spent HOURS over the last couple of weeks reducing my Amazon book inventory. There is actually some room in the garage for storage now...maybe even the car soon. Postage rates go up next week and it is no longer profitable to sell books, as least for me.
As soon as I finish with the book inventory I will spend some time catching up on listing. I have bears and critters listed in 3 places besides my web site. It is almost a full time job just keeping up with them.
Then I will decide what to work on next. I have several ideas written down in my journal just need to get the time.


customteddys said...

Hi Nancy, I understand about trying to keep web-presence updated.. Lots of work. I love your blue bear. Very nicely done! Hugs from Vicki

Prim's by Kim said...

What a darling bear! Love blue and brown together =D