Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goober ...gone to the Rainbow Bridge

Even when you know their time is near, it is still very, very sad when they go. I gave Goober to my brother's family almost 16 years ago. My nephew, Billy, was not quite 2. I was still breeding Dachshunds then and I had named all the pups in the litter after chocolate candy because they were all chocolate & tan or chocolate dapple. I can only remember one other name and that was "Dudley" for milk duds. Goober, the chocolate covered peanut, became their beloved family pet. Even after I moved to another state and many months went by without seeing him, Goober always remembered me. I considered him my four legged nephew. He loved stuffed toys and got a new one every Christmas. The stuffing was usually all over the place before we ate Christmas dinner. His favorite spot was on the sofa with my brother. He would perch on the arm and they would nap together. He had a bad habit of whining, especially when we were eating. I affectionately called him "weiner whiner".
The last few months, he had lost weight, his teeth were bad, his sight and hearing were going. My brother's family were unexpectedly adopted by another dog, a year ago Christmas, so it is not completely quiet. Still, Goober will be missed by all of us.


customteddys said...

Thanks for sharing his story. I'm sure he'll find many friends on the Bridge and he can tell them how much he was loved here. Hugs, Vicki

Sarah Medina, Jellybelly Bears said...

Awww, thats so sad Nancy :( He sounds like he had a full and much loved life, I hope you'll all be able to remember those special moments with a smile and no tears in time, Big hugs to your whole family XX Sarah