Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mini Pets for Blythe

I made the first mini dog as a friend for a bear. Recently, I realized it was the perfect size pet for my Blythe doll. If you don't know what a Blythe doll is go to flickr and put Blythe in search. There is a whole culture of collectors photographing their dolls. Shannon, my Blythe, is an only doll. I am having fun making her clothes and photographing her. Playing like a little girl is de-stressing. I made several mini dogs and they are up for adoption(for a small fee) on Plastic Paradise, a Blythe forum. There will also be some in my etsy shop later. I am working on a pattern for a mini cat too.

Don't forget to visit the
Black & White Ball this week. New creations are revealed everyday. Many wonderful Teddy Bears and critters available.

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