Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Week

Well, although still in the ICU, my sister is doing better.  I'm optimistic that she will continue to improve. My niece has decided to postpone her wedding til her mom is well enough to attend.
This week I will be getting ready for the Greater Orlando Doll Show in Maitland, Florida.  I don't have high expectations for Teddy bear sales but I enjoy going to doll shows anyway.  This one is just an hour's drive from home so it will make for a nice Saturday. The location has a nice little lake/pond right next door. This is great for hubby as doll shows really aren't his thing.
The next event is in mid July. The Teddies Worldwide online show "Friends of Teddy" is right up my alley. I love making Teddies but other critters are also fun to create. Dogs are definitely one of my specialties. Keeping my eye out for some nice soft leather for one of my creations for this show...hint, hint. Mark your calendars, July 13th - 15th. 
The little shadowbox in the photo is something I made a couple of years ago ...just for me. The photos are me as a child. The little locket was mine as a child too. It has photos of my mom and dad. I don't think I'm very good at putting scrap book things together but I enjoy my little shadow box.

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vivian said...

hi Nancy! I love your tiny panda in your shadow box. how cute! makes me want to make a shadow box now too.. let me just add that to the list of a hundred other things I want to make!! lol
have a great week