Saturday, April 19, 2008

Been Busy...

Despite my head feeling like it is going to split open I've gotten a lot accomplished this week. I think the pollen count is very high and my sinuses are throbbing. I have spent part of the week on paperwork for our new business but I have had some time for sewing. I finished another little dog and cut out 2 more. I have also partially finished a little dog that isn't turning out like I wanted so he might get set aside for awhile. I have an idea churning in my head for another bear but it's not ready to leave my head yet.
Rowdy did not sell on Bid 4 Bears so he is going in my Etsy shop. I did list Natalie Nitey Nite and Mimi a Kitty Kibbles kitten on Bid 4 Bears. Visit Natalie here and Mimi here.
I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow(hopefully my head won't hurt) and then Monday is beach day. We are trying to get in some beach time before we really get into this business I have been hinting about.

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