Saturday, April 7, 2007

Dog Patch Puppy on Bid4Bears

Bid 4 Bears is having an Artist Power Campaign from now until June. There are some really great artists with Bears and other critters up for auction. I didn't join the campaign but I thought I would list a Dog Patch Puppy to take advantage of the increased traffic. It would be great if Bid 4 Bears would become a powerhouse for Teddy Bear auctions.

My Dog Patch Puppy has 2 days left on it's auction-no bids yet but I keep checking.


Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

He's great Nancy! I'm surprised someone hasn't started a bidding war over this little darling!

Yvette said...

What a darling puppy! he looks so ready to play. I hope he finds a happy home.

Jodi Falk said...

Great Puppy , I love him !!!!!

Jodi Falk
Bears by Jodi