Monday, August 11, 2008


I have actually been sewing. I finished several things this week - 2 bears and a kitten. I'm not sure if they will go straight to my etsy shop or to Bid 4 Bears. There are also some more ideas rattling around in my head.
First this is Pinky Dink, another in my Kitty Kibbles series. She is just 6" tall and made with a fluffy Schulte mohair.

Pinky Dink

Next is Hamilton, who is just 9 1/2" tall. His mom wants him to learn to write his name before kindergarten starts but he just wants to play with his truck.

Hamilton & his truck

Last, but not least is Livia. She is 9" tall and dressed in her Sunday best.

Livia in her pretty organza dress

I really like the pattern I designed for the 2 bears(Livia legs are a bit shorter). I drew a slimmer body to go with a larger head. I think they are more child like.


Laura Lynn said...

Nancy they are absolutely adorable!! My favorite of the group has got to be Livia :)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

OMG! Your bears are so cute. Even my son from across the room yelled out....Ahh Mom~ look at him! WOW! If these are your first patterns of this kind, I'd be exicited to see what else you can come up with! And lets talk about that kitty for a minute!! I just love it!! I saw you dyed some fur orange for an orange kitty!!! I can't wait to see that! Sorry, just wandering through sites and saw this cute little creations! Just had to stop and say Hello!