Saturday, August 23, 2008

We came out OK!

Fay is now hitting the Florida panhandle. We saw the sun today, for the first time in 5 days. There was a lot of flooding in our county, Brevard, and surrounding counties. We only had some small limbs come down. I was worried about the pool overflowing as we had more than 10" of rain. It reached just below the rim before the rain finally stopped. It did end up with a lot of leaves, small branches and FROGS in it. Bill spent this morning scooping them out and sweeping the pool deck. The pic of the banana tree shows how the wind shredded the leaves.
We are now in prime hurricane season. Hopefully, this is the worse will will get this year.

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Laura Lynn said...

Oh wow Nancy, what a scary thing to go thru. I'm glad all is OK with you and also hope that Fay will be the worst for you.